Employee Spotlight: Andre Newcomb

Andre, a neuro clinical specialist here at Trustpoint, took the time to answer some questions that give us an in-depth look at his life and work here.
We hope you enjoy getting to know him!

What is your job at Trustpoint?  Can you give a brief description of what your work involves and how long you have worked here?
I am a physical therapist at Trustpoint Hospital. As a physical therapist, I evaluate patients with neurological disorders and establish and carry out treatments plans for them. I work with a variety of patients with diagnoses such as traumatic brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injuries and musculoskeletal injuries. I have been at Trustpoint hospital for a little over 2 months.”

What events lead you to where you are today, working at Trustpoint?
“I have been a physical therapist for almost five years and started my career in the Dallas area where I am originally from. My wife and I had our first child 4 months ago and we wanted to get closer to her parents who live here in Lubbock. Trustpoint Hospital was a great location for me to continue working with neurological patients.”

What is one moment that has stood out to you while working at Trustpoint?
“Although I have not been at Trustpoint long, I have noticed my coworkers go above and beyond for all our patients. One particular instance I observed was another physical therapist doing all she could to assist a patient with a power wheelchair. This patient, in particular, was in need of a power wheelchair for all mobility and this physical therapist did all she could in order to get him one so as to improve his independence. That type of commitment is why I enjoy my job and coworkers at Trustpoint Hospital.”

What do you most love about the work you do?
“I love giving people a second chance at mobility and independence. Working in an inpatient rehabilitation setting is unique because our patients come in on a stretcher or in a wheelchair and have the opportunity to walk out of the hospital. That change and transition means giving someone’s life back again.”

What kind of impact do you hope to have on people at Trustpoint?
“I hope to provide compassionate and evidence-based treatments to all my patients, no matter the diagnosis, in order to give them the best chance to achieve their physical goals and regain their independence and life back. As far as being a coworker, I hope to provide assistance and be a team player to all those I work with.”

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your family?
“I grew up in Allen, TX where my parents still live today. I have two brothers, Erik and Ben; I am the middle child. I have been married to my beautiful wife, Emily, for 5 years and we have one child; Everett Elias Newcome, and he is 4 months old. I enjoy playing with my son and spending time with Emily. I also enjoy running and lifting weights. Recently I have started to ride mountain bikes.”

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
“I would learn to speak Spanish fluently and play the piano.  My wife tried to teach me to play the piano on one of our first dates and it went terribly.”

If you were to tell one person “Thank you for helping me become the person I am today,” who would it be and what did they do?
“I would tell three people, my parents and my wife. All three of them have been very supportive of me and my career and have always encouraged me to be the best clinician and husband I can be.”

What are your favorite things about Lubbock?
“So far I love the lack of traffic and how easy it is to get from place to place here. I also like all the public parks that are inside neighborhoods. We live next to one and take our son on walks there.”

What characteristic do you most admire about the people of Lubbock and its surrounding areas?
“I admire their work ethic and pleasant personalities.  I have felt very welcomed and accepted since moving to Lubbock.”

If you could tell the people that Trustpoint serves anything, what would it be?
“Trustpoint Hospital is a place where healing happens. It is filled with compassionate and talented medical professionals waiting to work with people and help them fill their potential and return back to their lives.”